This month hunts are:

29th July – 31st August 2011 –  Nature’s Hunt: Tropical Nights which is also listed in the SL Destination Guide.

For this hunt I made a cute leetle shack on a floating island with plants and a pond.  It can go into the sky or into the water and is sized to fit perfectly on a standard 512 sq meter lot (16 x 32 meters). It is packed into a rezzer box for easy set up, and is copy mod so you can tear it apart and use or mod the bits as you like.

DBS sign for Island & Shack

August 15 – August 30, 2011 – Full Perm Hunt  – a mini hunt for builders!

For this hunt I have  a set of terrain & ground cover textures:  sands, dirt, rock, grass and a flowery ground cover