Latest stuff that is useful for the season: pumpkins and cats! And not just any pumpkins or simple cats, nonono.

Check out this punkin set – not just a nifty 1 prim pumpkin with stem, but also 2 pumpkins of the same size in 1 prim, 2 pumpkins of different sizes in 1 prim and 6 different texture colors because I always get carried away with textures…

Sculpted Pumpkins

And the new kittys! Thane is back (yay!!) and within minutes of his arrival he uploaded this fun cat sculpt that I just fell in love with and had to start texturing right away. The body language! The funny hat! I made 3 different textures for these 1 prim cats with hats, and these black cats have the same blinky green eyes as the other black cats – so 3 prims all in all.

Thane and I have lots of joint projects out where he makes the sculpt and I do the texturing – you can tell our joint stuff by the two logos on the sign, and they are all named *RH* & DBS

Cats Wearing Hats

Thane Woodford is the owner of Raven’s Heart Sculpts.  He has a lovely shop at:

Thane has kindly made room for his friends at his shop as well, so come have a look see.