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There’s this neat neat person named Eku Zhong in SL. She makes astoundingly beautiful things, and is helpful and kind – even to annoying otters.

It turns out that Eku needs our help:

“There is this great person named Eku Zhong. She is funny, talented, kind, and also quite ill. Not ill as in awesome, ill as in sick. Not sick as in super cool (well she is that too) but sick as in very, very ill.” You can read all about it at

So there is an Unhinged festival going on! Lots of booths with some great wares and gatchas.

Admire my fuzzy slippers! They are by Astolat Dufaux: Montagne Noire – there are a bunch of skull colors in the fuzzy slipper gatcha, and I can attest to the fact that they look good on tiny mesh avis and regular humans!

There has been and will be some awesome DJ’s as well – check the link above for times.

Today we had an impromptu dance – machinima by Smiley Orc

I made some meshy pots and plants with skulls on them to go with the theme – these are mod and trans and 1 Land Impact for two linked pots. These skull pots are exclusive to this event. You can find my booth here.

I didn’t do the gacha thing because I’m kinda clueless about these things and thought that some people might just want to buy what they like. The pairs are 150L each and 900L for the fatpack of all 10 pairs.

So come to the Unhinged Festival and do some shopping for a good cause and get your paws on some fun and exclusive items.




Fun with Scarecrows!

I can not believe that Thane got all of this detail into a 1 prim / 1 LI sculpted scarecrow, and Im super pleased with how they textured.

If you are a member of the Builders Brewery, the straight armed scarecrow set is a gift to group members at the Brewery Halloween Gift Exchange until 31 October.  If you aren’t a member or don’t like searching, clicky on the image to nab it on marketplace.

All images are links to the marketplace, or come see them at the shop!

There is also a version with bent arms, and a fatpack of all of them. The custom textures are interchangeable between the two sculpts, or use the textures as a template to make your own.

Inky Accident

This set was made with role play in mind. The spilled ink pot is 1 prim and the scroll is another. The texture for the scroll is just a simple texture, so other textures can definitely be used. Of course each piece can be used separately.

Tigger Genira of Tiggerworks has moved her shop to the most adorable parcel. It is a lovely cove on the mainland sim of  Sido, with the perfect elevation to make things a bit splashy.

And by pure random chance its just 2 sims over from my shop at Milu!

I honestly think this is Tigger’s best build yet – its lovely and rubbly with lots of surprises, and very interesting visuals. Just rambling around you will find striking vignettes and interesting uses of terrain, build, scripts and sounds.

Tig is working on a new ambient sounds effect, so what you hear is dependent on where you are and also the time of day.  And besides the fun steampunk rover follower, shes also got some random glowy sprites that follow people.

And yes – its also a shop – with builders supplies for sale. In fact, the bits to make what is on display here are almost all available. And of course, Miriam Donogal of TexWorks and I hopped right in and littered our stuff about as well.

View from the water side

splashy details

Daffodil details and peeping otter followed by rover

So come and have a look at all the fun stuff and effects. Tig has been using this shop to test out her new stuff and effects, so it will be continuously changing.

Starting October 15 are two hunts that builders will enjoy, and a Tiny Swagtastic weekend.

USC Textures Hunt

The weekend of the 15th-16th only at USC Textures.  The theme is “where the wild things are”. Eagle often puts on fun themed hunts, and has bunches of MM boards and lucky chairs about. And he puts up with me!

USC Textures is located at:

I have had a little shop upstairs in the Texture Tomb ever since I was a small otter on Miriam’s coat tails and put all 12 of my plant textures up for sale in her garden shop. Now I have a fun corner shop of my very own in the upper level.

So for this hunt I made a set of vine textures that I think will be useful for landscaping and adding a bit of wildness to builds.

Full Perm Mini Hunt

Also starting on the 15th is the Full Perm Mini Hunt which will run till 31 October.  These mini hunts are always fun, and a very nice way to stock up on building supplies. There will be a charge of 1L per hunt item.  For this one I made some seamless berry bush textures (and one berry-less) for non-alpha bush and hedgy uses, or wherever one might need some non-alpha greenery.

Tiny Swagtastic Weekend 15-16 Oct

Tiny stuff! For those who haven’t realized it, I’m usually NOT human. I am usually a tiny otter.  Which can be the cause of much hilarity for new customers “You’re the shop owner!?! But you’re a tiny otter in a… is that a Lady GaGa outfit?!”

However, if one heads over to Raglan Shire normal size humans are considered outside the norm. This weekend is another Tiny Swagtastic weekend in Raglan Shire with 50L offerings for tinies. My friend Mutley is kind enough to let me put stuff at her store Pawesome in Raglan Shire, and I got myself together enough this week to make an autumn tree with 3 seats for tinies in a small patch of dried grass.

A month long festival of events celebrating the new year: Live music, literary, story telling, DJ Themed Dances, photo exhibits, freebie hunts (find a black cat in each vendors kiosk), vendors selling fun stuff and much more.

All donations and fundraising go to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Come Join in the fun! You can get a schedule of events by clicking the Samhain festival signs by the landing point or the stage.

Merchants at Samhain Festival:

  • Deep Blue Sea designs – my sculpts & textures 🙂
  • TiggerWorks – Sculpts & gadgets by Tigger Genira
  • TexWorks – Textures by Miriam Donogal
  • Maelstrom Curio & Decor Shop – decor & artwork by Gabonica Lorefield
  • Jinxed Toys  & Jinxed Magic – whimsicality by Ishani Mhia / Amadine Abonwood
  • BlakOpal Designs – clothing by Blak Opal
  • Old World Delights – old world builds & furniture by Daily Panthar
  • 420 Design Sculptys – furniture sculpts by Neoh Hotshot
  • AMULET Sculpts – whimsical sculpts by Beautiful Shamen
  • Raven’s Heart Sculpts – delightful sculpts by Thane Woodford – Thane also donated the plot in Talisman for the Samhain fest – Come see his awesome sculpty shop here in Talisman!
  • B&B Spiritual Supplies ~ a Botanica – spiritual & voodoo supplies by Burke Benior
  • galaxyrises! –  shapes & skins by Nichole Twigvald
  • D. Wytchwood’s shop – Buildings, clothes & art by Dwynwen Wytchwood

Events Schedule:

Samhain Fetistival 2011
By The Wild Roving Foxes

**All donations to the Make A Wish Foundation**

Once more, the old year turns. The new world comes. Samhain is the end of the natural year and the birth of the new, a time to release the past and prepare for the future. Once again, we are celebrating this time with a month of live music, literary events, exhibits, vendors, freebie hunts, story telling and themed dances.

Please check below for literary events.

Story teller and DJ: Stories of the Season and Music by Fox Ravenheart
Mon Oct 3 – 6-7PM
Thu Oct 13 – 7.30PM – 9PM
Sun Oct 21 – 3PM – 5PM

Sun Oct 9 – 5-8PM – Zombie Dance – DJ music. Come as your best brain eating zombie for a chance to win lindens.

Photo by Allie Tomsen

Photo by Allie Tomsen

Sat Oct 15 – 7PM-9PM – Fancy Dress Party with holiday songs by DJ Mistu Figaro. Linden reward for best costume.

Fri Oct 21 – 9PM-11PM – Violet Omenthal DJs Jazz Night. Come in your best Jazz Age garb for a chance to win lindens.

Sun Oct 30 — 1-6PM – Fey Dance with DJ Fox Ravenheart. Come as your best Fey or fairy or elf from any culture around the world for a chance to win lindens. Stories and Music.

Thu Oct 6 – 4-5PM – Allie Tomsen gives an opening tour of her exhibit, Fading.
Fri Oct 21 – 6-7PM —  Isabelle Eyre gives an opening tour of her photo exhibit, Doors and Temples of the Angkor Wat


Thu Oct 6
5:00pm – 6:00pm
Phemie Alcott
6:00pm – 7:30pm
Shannon Oherly

Sun Oct 9 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Brendan Shoreland

Tue Oct 11
12:00pm – 1:00pm
1:00pm – 2:00pm
Live Music Event

Thu Oct 13
4:30pm – 6:00pm
Dusty Smythe
6:00pm – 7:30pm
Woodsong Zapetero

Tue Oct 18
5:00pm – 6:30pm
Kitzie Lane
6:30pm – 8:00pm
Geos Copperfield

Thu Oct 20
6:00pm – 7:30pm
Thunderfoot Lightfoot
7:30pm – 8:30pm
Mamaa Saiz

Fri Oct 21
8:00pm – 9:00pm
Bluemonk Rau (Part of Jazz Night)

Tue Oct 25 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Christopher Walmer
1:00pm – 2:00pm

Thu Oct 27 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Katrose Serendipidy
6:00pm – 7:00pm
Senjetta Witt (Live Music)

SL  Samhain Literary Events

10th October, Monday — 6pm    Duos – Phorkyad Acropolis  Poetry & Music

7pm     Duos – Freda Frostbite   Poetry & Prose

12th October, Wednesday —   12pm  Open Mic Read
hosted by:  Sabreman Carter
featuring:    Serene Bechir

8pm  Open Mic Read
hosted by:  talkswithmarie resident

17th October, Monday —         6pm    Duos – Derry  McMahon  Storytelling & Art
7pm     Duos – Hypatia Pickens   Short Story & Poetry

19th October, Wednesday —   12pm  Open Mic Read
hosted by:  Leslye Writer
featuring:    Klannex Northmead

8pm  Open Mic Read
hosted by:  Kamille Kamala
featuring:   Ryanwriter4 Reident

24th October, Monday —         6pm    Duos – Sangreal Arnica & Leslye Writer – Ghost Stories
7pm     Duos – Leonardo Zimring – Poetry & Art

26th October, Wednesday —   12pm  Open Mic Read
hosted by:  Klannex Northmead
featuring:    Leslye Writer
8pm  Open Mic Read
hosted by:  Jael Constantine
featuring:  Kamille Kamala

31st October, Monday —         6pm    Duos – Kaikilani Resident – Storytelling & Chanting
7pm    Duos – Remembrance & Renwal – a reading of poetry by those who  have passed into the next life


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