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Oh my my. I have recently achieved a long held dream of mine. Low prim animated plants!!

I love my sculpty plants, but the whole of a sculpt is 1 face – so not good for a proper animation. You can animate on the faces of prims – but to make a field that is hardly low prim then. But mesh! You can define faces on mesh and animate them!

So check this out (click picture to see in marketplace):

I know I know – it looks sort of simplistic in the ad. But that’s the point! It IS simple. There are 4 faces: ground cover and 3 plant forms up above. There are helper faces below the field to help you texture the faces above. You can put whatever texture you like on any of these faces, or a totally clear texture to make it disappear!! So you can have plants in dirt, grasses in sand, rushes in water, 3 flowers and no ground cover – the possibilities are endless!!

But wait – there’s more!! You can animate a face. I have included 4 textures for animating (16 grass images on one picture, each slightly different). Two types of movement, colored or desaturated. And several scripts for different faces.

I made the grass textures included here to go with my DBS meadow grass with flowers set, but grass goes with many many plants.  Or put your favorite water or mud on the ground face and animate that! Go super realistic or crazy wild surreal!!

Dagmar Klaar made a short video to show this motion:

And it looks very pretty in world:

All this plus instructions, scripts, textures & examples will make a 1 prim field at 8 x 8 x 2.5. AND – it will still be 1 prim if you add a small prim of your own!! Which means your name will show as the creator. But please – make a build and do not simply sell a copy of my example.

Come see it in-world  – that’s where it looks best!



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