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Gosh its September already. I can’t believe how fast time is flying! Two hunts for me this month.

Steam the Hunt 7

I always love this hunt and the fun things people make for it. This time I made a cute 1 prim mesh sundial with weathered metallic textures and an animated gnomon shadow that moves over a verdigris copper face. I was tempted to make it keep real time, but then went off a philosophical tangent about the meaning of time and got distracted… But I think this sundial will add a nice touch to any garden.



Too Cute to be True Full Perm Hunt

This is a new hunt and I love full perm hunts. I think they give builders a chance to build up a nice collection of builders supplies, and try out new creators and different styles. The prizes in this hunt are 2L each. I made a set of colored flowers with a grassy base, that I like to think are pretty cute.

Happy hunting!

I will be gone on holiday Sept 7-22. I hope to come back with lots of photos for projects!


Wow – so I boarded a ship on the 6th bound for New Zealand, but had to stay on till Australia for another week. I didn’t get the chance to post about these hunts before I left – but there’s still time!! Im in Melbourne right now, but flying home tomorrow.

Silk Road Hunt 3 – June 1-30

If the above link doesnt work (it keeps redirecting me to a .au site) try

One day left! I adore this hunt – my flight of fancy led me to imagine spice merchants bringing seeds, bulbs and seedlings home and carefully propagating them. I chose saffron because of its rarity and lovely flowers. Then turmeric because of its lovely golden dyes and the fact that it is sometimes used as a substitute for the costly saffron. Plus I think it makes a lovely plant.

Full Perm Hunt – Bon Voyage – June 14 to July 2

Follow the link to see the fun stuff!

I made a leetle leaf raft sculpty set, for floaty fun. As usual, I went a little nuts with options, but I think this set is great fun.  The hunt gifts on this hunt are for sale for 2L – and there’s lots of amazing builders stuff – only a couple days left so hurry!

Yayy! I adore this hunt. Mandi Blanco is such a great hunt organizer, and just have a look at all the fun TextureMania 4 hunt giftys! To get started in the hunt go to the Love My Textures link on the first page – the blog also has hints posted.

I am super excited about my hunt gifty, I think its my favorite one yet. I always want to make something useful and fun, and this set just came together organically. Its a 3 prim wishing well set with 3 sculpt maps, and 3 textures made just for this hunt. But, any nice seamless wood will work on the roof sculpt, any seamless stone or brick texture will work on the well part, and any plant texture with a good clear alpha border will work on the plant sculpt.

DBS wishing well kit Texturemania

This is one hunt I am definitely going to do  – its great fun to see what all the creators are doing and visit their shops. And I want that flamingo from S-Town!!

Ok ok I survived the holidays, survived another trip across the Pacific and I’m back!

Two superfun awesome hunts this month The first is the incredibly popular Full Perm Mini Hunt. I really like this hunt because it always feels spontaneous, and Raindrop Lowbeam does a nice job of setting it all up. Plus full perm hunts for builders aren’t all that common. My gifty for this one is a set of rocky ring sculpts in several styles and roughness. The main idea for these came from the need for a fire pit, but these also make nice planters or landscape accents. Be useful for a rounded hearth as well.

The next hunt is the ever popular Steam the Hunt.  I did a tree back in Sept for this hunt that dropped gears, so in that theme I made a leetle bonsai tree in a pot that drops watch bits with a little tinkly noise. I know, I now – this hunt had an under the sea theme that I may seem to have not gone along with. But my thought was that the hunters will get all of these wild underwater domiciles and vehicles and might just want a bit of home while they down there in the abyss. Thats my story and I’m sticking to it!

Up All Night Hunt  November 1-30

If you haven’t participated in this hunt yet, I highly recommend it. There are some very nice builders supplies as hunt gifts (the theme was “anything but holiday stuff!!). My gifty is a new exploration for me – sounds! I made a bunch of loop-able sounds: water trickles, burbles, gurgles, some with machine hums and one of an electric motor.

Couch Potato Hunt 2  Nov 15 – Dec 15

This is a fun hunt for furniture, and one that I love because I get to play builder for a bit. The theme is to “Say it with Song”.  So my song choice is Otis Redding’s Sitting at the Dock of the Bay because… Well just because it is! I love this song, I love docks, and below is a picture of Thane and I sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tiiide roll away…

Starting October 15 are two hunts that builders will enjoy, and a Tiny Swagtastic weekend.

USC Textures Hunt

The weekend of the 15th-16th only at USC Textures.  The theme is “where the wild things are”. Eagle often puts on fun themed hunts, and has bunches of MM boards and lucky chairs about. And he puts up with me!

USC Textures is located at:

I have had a little shop upstairs in the Texture Tomb ever since I was a small otter on Miriam’s coat tails and put all 12 of my plant textures up for sale in her garden shop. Now I have a fun corner shop of my very own in the upper level.

So for this hunt I made a set of vine textures that I think will be useful for landscaping and adding a bit of wildness to builds.

Full Perm Mini Hunt

Also starting on the 15th is the Full Perm Mini Hunt which will run till 31 October.  These mini hunts are always fun, and a very nice way to stock up on building supplies. There will be a charge of 1L per hunt item.  For this one I made some seamless berry bush textures (and one berry-less) for non-alpha bush and hedgy uses, or wherever one might need some non-alpha greenery.

Tiny Swagtastic Weekend 15-16 Oct

Tiny stuff! For those who haven’t realized it, I’m usually NOT human. I am usually a tiny otter.  Which can be the cause of much hilarity for new customers “You’re the shop owner!?! But you’re a tiny otter in a… is that a Lady GaGa outfit?!”

However, if one heads over to Raglan Shire normal size humans are considered outside the norm. This weekend is another Tiny Swagtastic weekend in Raglan Shire with 50L offerings for tinies. My friend Mutley is kind enough to let me put stuff at her store Pawesome in Raglan Shire, and I got myself together enough this week to make an autumn tree with 3 seats for tinies in a small patch of dried grass.

Yes its almost steam hunt time so it’s been panic and rush around here as we all try and get ready. Strangely though we are ready almost a week early. Usually we know its coming but we never get prepared in advance…

This is a stunning level of organisation, for us, way above our usual level, so it’ll never happen again.

And what has our combined cunning and artistry conjured up ?


Well Miriam, has of course created some textures for you, a series of artistic embossed and engraved riveted metal panels that keep to the spirit of steam punk, and would grace any build in the theme.

Sea has looked around at all the usual mechanical things that make up steampunk and decided to make… trees.
Well of course what could be more steampunk than a tree. Ok so these are clad in brass sheeting and have gears for fruit. You might also need some sort of hat if you should stand beneath them as those gears look heavy and might just fall.

And me, I have been working around the clock on a clock. I know, its hardly original, but I do hope you’ve never seen – or heard – one quite like this. 11 prims of automated steam themed whimsy which ticks, thuds, scrapes and squeals its way around the hours in what I hope is a functional and entertaining way.

Any how.. we wish all the best with the Steam Hunt which will start as of the 1st of September, and do check the steam hunt blog for more details of all the participating stores. The Steam hunt never disappoints, well, so long as you like the steampunk theme, and if you don’t… then why are you doing the hunt ?

Upcoming grid wide hunts in September:

September 1-30, 2011 – Texturemania Hunt 3

This hunt is all about original textures and sculpts for builders. The theme this year is “vintage fantasy”.  I like to do flowers for this hunt, so this time around is a set of sunflower alpha textures.












September 1 –  30, 2011 – Steam the Hunt 5

I am really excited to be in this hunt – I missed it last year. Now all I have to do is narrow down my gift options…

This month hunts are:

29th July – 31st August 2011 –  Nature’s Hunt: Tropical Nights which is also listed in the SL Destination Guide.

For this hunt I made a cute leetle shack on a floating island with plants and a pond.  It can go into the sky or into the water and is sized to fit perfectly on a standard 512 sq meter lot (16 x 32 meters). It is packed into a rezzer box for easy set up, and is copy mod so you can tear it apart and use or mod the bits as you like.

DBS sign for Island & Shack

August 15 – August 30, 2011 – Full Perm Hunt  – a mini hunt for builders!

For this hunt I have  a set of terrain & ground cover textures:  sands, dirt, rock, grass and a flowery ground cover


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