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Ok!! so one thing Im sure we have all noticed, or been warned about, is when you link a mesh to a sculpt the Land Impact (LI) has the potential to get very large. Β This has been fixed!

Ignoring scripts for the moment – if you link a sculpt to a mesh – the sculpt will have no more than 2 LI, and very often remain at 1 LI. Read this link and this is the portion of interest:

Changed prim accounting for legacy prims which use the new accounting system

  • All legacy-style prims have their streaming cost capped at 1.0 (except for sculpts, which will be capped at 2.0). This provides the benefit of not penalizing prim-based creators for optimizing their content by opting into the new system and will make the streaming cost more reflective of the true network cost of the objects.

What does this mean? Well – I’ve experimented a bit and here is what I have found:

When I link a 1 prim sculpted bird to a 2 LI mesh birdhouse, I get an LI of 3.


How does this help a builder? You can make the chickadee sculpt in your name – so the build shows your name as creator with chickadee as root, and prim count does not go up (yes I know chickadee isnt root in this picture – but it does work with him as root!).

Again – it works with either prim as root – so you can have the sculpted grass in your name as root.

But sometimes the sculpt will jump from 1 prim to 2 LI – as in this case:

A 1 LI sculpt field:

And a 1 LI mesh clumps with ground cover:

When linked ads up to 3 LI:


Now 3 prims for a a field? Is that a lot? Well – this field is 8.5 x 8.5 meters, has 4 textureable plant faces (1 sculpt, 3 mesh) you can animate one of the mesh faces AND you have textureable ground cover. I think it looks pretty good for 3 Land Impact / Prim Equivalents.


So what does this mean for the builder? Experiment experiment experiment! You may be pleasantly surprised πŸ™‚ I think these new changes give us some interesting options for combining prims, sculpts and meshes.

Hints: after the items are linked – try changing the root to “convex hull” on the features tab and changing the child to “none” – that should ensure that you have the lowest LI possible.

Also – check out this wikki post on physics optimization. Lots of handy information and a script to set all child prims to none!





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