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Starting October 15 are two hunts that builders will enjoy, and a Tiny Swagtastic weekend.

USC Textures Hunt

The weekend of the 15th-16th only at USC Textures.  The theme is “where the wild things are”. Eagle often puts on fun themed hunts, and has bunches of MM boards and lucky chairs about. And he puts up with me!

USC Textures is located at:

I have had a little shop upstairs in the Texture Tomb ever since I was a small otter on Miriam’s coat tails and put all 12 of my plant textures up for sale in her garden shop. Now I have a fun corner shop of my very own in the upper level.

So for this hunt I made a set of vine textures that I think will be useful for landscaping and adding a bit of wildness to builds.

Full Perm Mini Hunt

Also starting on the 15th is the Full Perm Mini Hunt which will run till 31 October.  These mini hunts are always fun, and a very nice way to stock up on building supplies. There will be a charge of 1L per hunt item.  For this one I made some seamless berry bush textures (and one berry-less) for non-alpha bush and hedgy uses, or wherever one might need some non-alpha greenery.

Tiny Swagtastic Weekend 15-16 Oct

Tiny stuff! For those who haven’t realized it, I’m usually NOT human. I am usually a tiny otter.  Which can be the cause of much hilarity for new customers “You’re the shop owner!?! But you’re a tiny otter in a… is that a Lady GaGa outfit?!”

However, if one heads over to Raglan Shire normal size humans are considered outside the norm. This weekend is another Tiny Swagtastic weekend in Raglan Shire with 50L offerings for tinies. My friend Mutley is kind enough to let me put stuff at her store Pawesome in Raglan Shire, and I got myself together enough this week to make an autumn tree with 3 seats for tinies in a small patch of dried grass.


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